Automatic Transmission Hardware

4L80/85E Drain Plug Oil Pan

Part Number 1X400010


Upgrade the transmission oil pan on your 4L80/85E equipped truck, motor home, street rod or street machine. This pan works with the stock transmission filter and is the same depth as the production oil pan. This drain plug-equipped pan allows easy and mess-free way to drain the transmission fluid. The drain plug features a gasket to prevent transmission fluid leaks and magnet. Pan includes additional square magnet to capture ferrous metallic particles in transmission fluid. Does not include pan gasket or filter. Original pan gasket can generally be reused if in good condition.



Bushing-Torque Converter Pilot 1.705-inch OD/0.825-inch ID

Part Number 1X327250



This bushing facilitates the use of a high performance, small diameter torque converter that has a 0.825-inch diameter torque converter pilot in place of the 1.705-inch diameter pilot used with larger size torque converters. Fits all GM engine crankshafts with 1.705-inch diameter torque converter pilot.



Spacer-Crankshaft, 0.400-inch thick for Gen 3 and Gen 4 SB

Part Number 1X327200


Installing a Gen 1 or Gen 2 small block or big block transmission behind a Gen 3 or Gen 4 small block (2004R, 700R4, THM 400, THM 350, T-10, 4L80E)? This spacer moves the rear crankshaft flange back to the location found on earlier GM big and small block engines. This spacer can be used with our conversion automatic transmission flexplate/bolt kit or our conversion flywheel/bolt kit. Note: Some 4.8L and 6.0L truck engines were produced with a special long crankshaft. This spacer is not required on those applications.



Flexplate/bolt kit- Gen 3 and 4 for older auto transmissions

Part Number 1X366100


Installing a Gen 1 or Gen 2 small block or big block transmission (2004R, 700R4, THM 400, THM 350, 4L80E) behind a Gen 3 or Gen 4 small block? Use this flexplate and bolt kit with above crankshaft spacer. This kit contains a flexplate drilled with six torque converter attachment bolt holes 11.5-inches in diameter. The 11.5-inch bolt pattern is used on the 4L80E torque converter. When using smaller diameter torque converters, re-drill three of the holes to the smaller 10.75-inch diameter bolt pattern. Contains six special length crankshaft bolts. Flexplate is neutrally balanced.


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