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COPO\'ko-po\, abbr Cool Original Performance Options 1: company dedicated to give the non-insider the parts and information to build a COPO-grade GM vehicle


Is that Factory?

They didn’t make many of those!

Hey, that was offered on cop cars.

Wow, that never went in to production.

Amazing, I read about that in a magazine.


COPO provides the factory-based parts and information you need to build a factory engineered hot rod. We go to the source of it all, the GM factory parts bin and engineering groups.

We’ll tell you about the cool parts and packages that have been developed but never made it to the showroom floor so you can build your own one-off masterpiece. Our top-flight experts know exactly which parts were used in rare vehicles . We can put the hardware installed on special-purpose, police, export, and engineering demonstration vehicles into your hands.

COPO lives in the engineering garages, dyno labs and other hard to find locations. Count on us to bring you kits, parts and information that are all but inaccessible outside the walls of the GM engineering community.


Enter the World of COPO. Explore, discover, understand – and then build one of your own.


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