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This 1970 Chevelle with late model ZQ8 S-10 wheels and 1955 Chevy with S10 SS wheels use the GMCOPO Retro-Nut kit to bolt the wheels onto the original 7/16 thread wheel studs and allow use of the center cap.


7/16 Retro-Nut Lug Nut Kit

Part Number 1X716001



Don't use metric wheel studs on your muscle car to bolt on your late-model GM aluminum wheels. These special lug nuts feature an English 7/16 internal thread and a metric M24x2 external thread for late-model center cap retention by the thread-on plastic lug nut covers. The 60-degree tapered seat of these lug nuts matches the angle of late-model GM aluminum wheels. GM switched from the 7/16 wheel stud thread to the metric 12 by 1.5 design around 1982 for rear wheel drive cars and trucks. Check your application to ensure compatibility.



Wheel Spacer (0.140 thick) for 5 x 4.75 bolt pattern-PAIR

Part Number 1X100001



These OEM 0.140-inch thick wheel spacers provide additional tire clearance between the inner wheel well or frame. They are great for use with a larger-size drag radial or wider street tires. The inboard side of spacer has a counter-bore around each wheel stud hole to clear the factory-installed star washer on wheel stud. Spacers are sold in pairs and fit 5 X 4.75 bolt pattern GM vehicles. Can be stacked together for additional clearance. (Check to ensure adequate stud length when using multiple spacers)




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